Project Cars 2 guide: Tips to mastering each motorsport

project car

The makers of Project CARS 2 tell you how to drive rallycross, open wheel and GT vehicles, plus supercars and touring cars

Project CARS 2 is a motorsports fan’s dream. While many racing games focus on one discipline, be it rally or Formula 1, Slightly Mad Studios’ superb sequel features rallycross, GTs, touring cars, open-wheel F1 and Le Mans-style vehicles, plus ridiculous 1000-horsepower supercars. There are also loads of vintage cars to try out.

This being a simulation, they all handle differently and when you throw in the ever-changing weather conditions, it’s a great challenge. It is realistic, but, as Rod Chong, COO of Slightly Mad Studios, told us, “fundamentally it’s fun and it’s a completely immersive experience. You can sample different types of racing – classic tracks, modern tracks, all these different things.”

project car

Handily, he also told us how to drive each different type of car. So if you want to master the different motorsports, check out his masterclass.

How to drive rallycross cars

You have to almost chuck the car into the corner – a little bit like you’re playing an arcade game, where you brake quite early and you have to set the car for the corner well in advance of getting there. You almost want to rotate them, get them sideways and then slide through the corner.

With a rallycross car you have to turn a lot earlier than you think you need to
Rod Chong
The cars accelerate very fast, which means that you’re shifting gears quite a lot. But the real trick with these cars is that you have to slow them down quite a lot before you get to the corner. It’s not like a GT, where you can brake quite late and turn as you drive in the corner. With a rallycross car you have to turn a lot earlier than you think you need to.

You also have to use the handbrake, because they understeer a fair amount. Rallycross cars are quite unusual in that they’ll turn and nothing will happen, so you need to pull on the handbrake a little and rotate the car to get it set up at the right angle. When you pull the handbrake, the power is still going to the front wheels and so you can, in some instances, keep your foot on the throttle and pull the handbrake a little and know that you can really steer the car with the movement of the front wheels.

Sometimes it’s ok to be on full lock and have your foot mashed into the maximum throttle and you use the wheel with the power applied to the front wheels to get the car to turn.


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