How to play Car Race game


Beat your opponents on the most EXCITING DRAG RACING GAME!
Accelerate and change gears to win. Customize your 3D CARS to go faster!

– Amazing 3D Graphics
– Simple controls
– Touch to accelerate
– Customize your vehicles
– Touch to change gears

Free for a limited time!


Some reviews:


This is an Okay game but, it takes more than a little bit of inspiration from CSR Racing which is also free. Not just the gameplay is similar, but there are so many details in this game that are obviously copied from CSR: there are these bosses that the player must beat for large rewards, every race is rated as easy, hard, or impossible based on the upgrades on your car, there is “gasoline” which is needed to play and refills over time, They randomly offer you cars at discount prices, you could hire a mechanic to tune your car for a certain amount of races just to name a few copied features I’m okay with apps having similar gameplay but, seriously? Do they have to copy all these details out of CSR Racing? It’s at the point where it is nearly plagiarism. Despite their attempts to add as much features from CSR Racing, this game still falls short: generic car names, worse graphics, less refined gameplay, cheesy effects. I don’t usually complain about free things but, CSR is also free and has everything this game has (since, again, everything in this game is copied from CSR) and has actual brand names with more realistic graphics and an entire multiplayer system with different tiers and categories. Save your time and storage and just get CSR unless you have an older device in which case, this may just work out for you. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, download both and the similarities will start as soon as it’s done loading.

dearest one:

This game is very fun and addicting. I just don’t like how you have to wait seven minutes to race once, or you could refill it fully. Once you run out of diamonds, you have to wait again. If there was no waiting, this would be my number one favorite game. This game was hard to play at first, but that was because the person running you through the game doesn’t make a lot of sense. Lastly, once I was about to do a challenge to get a car or lose two diamonds. I had to wait and I decided to play another game. Apparently I lost to this game without even playing in and so I lost two diamonds and my gas. If this game had unlimited gas and better remembering, I would be playing it as much as possible.


Fun little drag racing game and all, and I really appreciate the “sales” that I get after 10 or so races, but it always seems like I am just a bit off from the sales price, meaning I need to buy some with real money because it is a one time sale, I really like how they made the game like this, basically trying to make the players spend money, really smart, but I’m not falling for it. Just a warning people, don’t bother spending money on this game, play CSR Racing, it’s got better graphics,more races, doesn’t force you to buy anything, & better graphics, with brand names cars!

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