Guide to computer games of 2018


Welcome to our new games coming out in 2018! Thousands of games appear every year on PC these days, and if we mention all these features will be the size of War and Peace. Instead, we’ve focused on a few hundred categories, loosely categorized so you can find new games that you care about a bit.

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games-2018 It’s interesting to note the change in our large preview list from year to year. It’s hard to actually imitate games by genre such as RPG, shooter, action game create each other’s ideas and, good lord, absolute volume of growing games are overwhelming. . Publishers and developers are more ambiguous about release dates than in previous years; Expect lots of beta testing and Early Access access for the biggest games of the year. There are many games on the list this year. Beside the world famous shooters like Anthem and big budget projects such as the Death Stranding project, we can expect a huge number of strategic games, some great games to explore and Some interesting storytelling methods in the adventure game. Click the links below to navigate to the area of interest. >>>> Do not miss:

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