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Dynasty Warriors 9, or Shin Sangoku Musou 8 in the Japanese version, was officially announced. The game is currently in the development stage of about 40%, is expected to release in 2018 or early 2019. To date, there has been quite a lot of information was revealed about the first game Dynasty Warriors game open -world. >> Play now: games for girls only A Warriors game with open worlds For the first time in the series, the entire nation of China in the Three Kingdoms will be shown in a single map. The “1000 pound” action will remain, but the freedom of open world play will bring a whole new experience to the fans of the game. Dynasty-Warriors-1 Mission in the game includes the important tasks in the story and countless side missions scattered on the map. These side quests will affect the story’s mission and the relationship between the characters. During the battle the player will have tactical options and approaches such as face-to-face attack, ambush from the air, or break in at night, feeling like they are actually reincarnating into characters. Three Kingdoms. Dynasty-Warriors-2 The world in the game is represented by beautiful graphics, including many different environments and climates such as snow prairie, jungle, desert … At the same time famous sites such as Lac Yang, Tiger River, Yellow River or Tung Son will also be displayed in the most honest way, creating a world open monumental and accurate to the reality. The combat system is redone In addition to retaining the simplest style of fighting, the Dynasty Warriors 9 will feature a combat system called the “State Combo System,” which allows players to act according to the game situation. . There are three stages: “Trigger Attack” – activates the combo chain, “Flow Attacks” – consecutive attacks based on the opponent’s status and “Finish Attack” – ends the combo chain. Dynasty-Warriors-3 In addition, Dynasty Warriors 9 also introduced “Interactive Actions” – character actions that can be based on terrain and environment. For example, climbing, wading through the wall, using a grappling hook (like AC Syndicate), attacking the opponent by shooting the bow into the barrel of the oil … Gameplay will be very deep when the player has many options onions. motion. Dynasty-Warriors-4 In the Japanese market, Dynasty Warriors 9 is currently being developed on the PS4 platform. Koei Tecmo has not officially announced the system for the Western market. Information on the system, release date and details of the game will be announced by Koei Tecmo in the coming days. Update leak information weekly: Archery features from 3, 4, 5 will come back. All characters can use arrows to attack. Scenes and weather will change over time. The enemy’s visibility will decrease when it’s dark or rain, harder to detect when attacked. The main task will follow the plot. The main tasks are often high difficulty. To reduce the difficulty, it is necessary to complete the sub-tasks related to the main task. Story events will still be based on the novel Three Kingdoms as the previous versions. A battle will not cover many stages like the upcoming Spirit of Sanada SW. Battles in the same historical period will take place all over the map. Story mode will follow each character, not the house. The character’s play will be limited to the character’s history. For example, Zhao Yun’s play will be limited to Zhao Yun’s age. After Zhao Yun holds the sword, the game will move on to another stage and allow the player to choose a character during that time. In order to better explain the plot, character transfer features in the same period are being considered. It takes about 5 minutes to swim across the Yellow River and the Yellow River. There will be ports on both sides to fast travel. Strongholds, villages in the game will be smaller than real life size. For example, Luoyang City is about 1km long. There are more than 10 major cities in the game. Small villages are also being designed.

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